Thursday, April 24, 2008

Reverse Chaos Theory

If chaos theory is about finding order in what seems to be randomness, then I'd be really delighted to find the techniques for revers chaos theory. Why? Well since one of the things that brings me down is seeing too much order and determinism taking over. Things repeating, same thing again and again. Anywhere, I find it quite hard to follow the same road to home and from home to work everyday, it just seems like some parts of life would be better off played fast forward... since if you know all about it then it seems like you can shrink it time and see the end.

All in all randomness and indeterministic phenomena bring joy and excitement. My euphoria is flying and trying hard in pure chaos and watching the results.

Raph Koster talks about the same idea in his great book "A theory of Fun" where he says human beings are fascinated by the act of trying to find patterns and once they find these patterns, then it is not fun for them anymore, in this case he is talking about games and the point when a game becomes not fun anymore.

In either case back to the subject and the reason I'm after reverse chaos theory is to be able to find randomness in what appears to be orderly and deterministic. I'm practicing this, for example when I take the same road everyday to work, I try to find little differences in the path everyday, like the way the cat moves or change in the tree heights ... ;) ... new experiences can be found after all ...

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