Saturday, February 16, 2008

Looking for Major$ !!

It is interesting how much people believe that there is a relationship between the major you will follow for your university studies and the amount of money you can make in the future. Usually people are worried about what their children will study in terms of the amount of money the will be able to make once they graduate. Well the reality is there is NO relationships between these facts. You can make any amount of money with any major or skill that you have, it is just the type of work and business which you'll get engaged in, any kind of engineering, science or medical studies will not make someone rich just by its nature.

One more piece of advice to fellows looking for the major which makes most money or parents figuring out the best major based on the amount of money their child will be able to make.... leave studying all together and follow something else, studying and getting a college degree will leave you behind in the money chasing race!


Unknown said...

I'm 110% agree with you!

You can earn a handsome money using Creative and Innovative Thinking in all fields and careers.

So just follow what you feel like and enjoy it...

syros said...

i don know what to say but; "i feel like a victim up in the court, in front of the jury (all of there faces is just same as mine!!), and the prosecutor (again he looks very close to me!) asks me why syros, why?", any way it's not as this bad as i said fellow! but you know i have a very strong eager for self-destruction! and thanks for mentioning this topic!