Friday, January 25, 2008

Type Master Type !!

It is interesting how in most Hollywood movies, whenever some guys is trying to work with a computer, they usually type everything and don't use the mouse. In normal life, people mostly use the mouse to interact but for some reason in movies, it is always typing, whether they are opening windows, selecting files, zooming in/out, etc. it is always fast typing. :)

I think one reason for this fact is that the movie is trying to convince us that the person interacting with that computer is really an expert and experts need to type! Is this correct? Well I think it is since the nature of clicking is selecting, it is selecting a feature which has been thought about before and prepared for you mostly in the form of menus and buttons. It is a kind of selection, selecting something very normal, selecting a series of Yes or Nos. However with typing and positioning some symbols in any state, you can come up with new ideas and innovation, and this is the nature of the type of actions an expert needs, something that ordinary people can not do, thinking about new possibilities using typing which is actually defining a special process. The solution space is much more complex due to the infinite possibilities for arranging the design elements and this complexity needs creative and deducting thinking. (Not really infinite and bound to the syntax and grammar of the supporting scripting language that the expert is writing the commands in)

When you think about this from another angle, you see that in essence what is happening in software is transformation of all these possibilities into pre-defined buttons and UIs that only need to be selected, and selection doesn't need as much thinking as describing a process and thinking about the solution in time. Somehow like the transformation of imperative languages to declarative languages. Dumbing down in other words. Just like what happens in other technologies, we are eliminating the requirements for thinking constantly and replacing it with products, now is this a good thing? Is it really bad? Just do this and that and the result will be this. Memorize this and you're fine. Don't need to think and analyze yourself, that takes time and you might not do what you are supposed to do and come up with ideas that might jeopardize the system... is this what the modern system wants from people? Can we just get rid of the CPU part of our brains and be satisfied with the RAM part? Or do we even need the memories to be internal in our brains, they can be external in user documents or in these days on the web... what I find on google as a complete solution is what I need in life !? .. this study is related to the subject.

It's very hard to find out the correct answer and it needs quite some thought and again more thought (AKA thought++).

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